Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nappy Motorbike adventure.

     Well Hello, been a while and I really should make more effort to make it onto my blog. This is something rather different and possibly a one off for me, but a special couple needed something extra as a New Baby gift so here it is. A Nappy Motorbike ( he is a biker and of course it was a wonderful and very premature baby boy who is doing wonderfully well now and growing day by day!)
     So of course nappy wheels, joined by a baby blanket. A baby towel and sock handle bars, with a bottle head light and a seat of a bib, and a little buddy to ride it.
      I went on to wrap in cellophane and decorated it with ribbon and used the Tonic die cut stars which spelt out his name.
      It was funny when we called with it. "Oh how wonderful thank you" etc.......then whilst we ladies were cooing a sudden exclamation of what sounded like thrilled surprise from new Daddy "OH WOW! its a motorbike!" it was cute and funny in equal measures, and for me had been worth the effort to include Dad as always a bit sidelined by Mum and Baby perhaps :) xxxxx
     Hope you like it and thanks for dropping by, I must try harder eh ha ha, perhaps in a moment I will pop the card to complete the set.

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  1. What a lovely gift for baby! Such a good idea!